evocardio treadmill Evo Cardio avec bureau

evocardio treadmill Evo Cardio avec bureau
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evocardio treadmill Evo Cardio avec bureau

The Walkdesk ™ WTD600 is the solution to work and move around at the same time, ideal during your phone calls or while reading. But working on a laptop is also good while you walk quietly on the Walkdesk ™ WTD600. All you need to get started is an empty place and a power outlet. Many scientific studies have shown that it is not healthy to sit behind a desk for a while. So, more exercise is the message! This device is the perfect solution to assimilate more movement into your daily life. The 51 x 123 cm walking surface allows you to walk at a comfortable pace. The active area of 80 x 120 cm is large enough for your laptop, screen, documents ... The work surface is easily adjustable from 110 to 132 cm. The 3 HP motor is designed to run at low speed without overheating the motor. The console has a modern design and can be placed on the left or right side.

Additional Information

Brand Evocardio
Manufacturer SKU WTD600
Color gray / black / white
Color Grey
Size One size - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult