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Discover our space dedicated to Handball Clubs with a wide choice of handball equipment. Enjoy quality equipment for your daily training and various technical exercises. Find all our pack of balls, pack of socks, pack of resin at the best price. In addition, there are exceptional discounts on our clothing packs, shorts, jerseys and socks. Find at Handball-Store all the equipment for your sports fields as well as accessories and goals

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Handball clubs

Find here all the handball equipment you need to equip your club! Discover our handballs sets, wear sets, socks sets, resin sets, training accessories, handball nets, handball goals and many other handball equipment.

Handball sets - handball club

Need some new handballs for your handball club? Adopt our sets of 3, 5 or 10 handballs. Molten, Atorka by Décathlon, Select, Hummel, adidas, Kempa, Erima: many brands are to be discovered on Handball-Store. There are lots of handballs in size 00, size 0 and size 1 for the juniors, but also size 2 and size 3 for the older ones. Up to 40% discount on handball sets!

Sock sets- handball club

Check out our handball sock sets. You will be able to equip all the handball players in your club with our sock sets at special prices. You can choose from Hummel, adidas, Kempa, Select, Asics or Nike socks. There are sock sets of 3, 5 and 10 for men, women and juniors. Get up to 30% discount.

Resin packages - handball club

Does your club need handball resin ? Check out our 3, 5 and 10 jars of resin. Choose from our many brands such as Select, Erima, Sporti France or Kempa. Benefit from the best prices on the glue packs for your handball club and raise your level on the field.

Wear packs - handball club

Looking for a new outfit for your handball team? We've got just the thing for you! Find our selection of wear packs at discounted prices: up to 70% off. Hummel, Select, Kempa, Errea, Mizuno or Nike and many other brands are to be discovered. Junior or adult, man or woman, dress your club with our handball wear packs.

Club equipment - handball club

Find our hundreds of references of handball equipment: cones, chasubles, water bottle, tactical board, handball targets, etc. Erima, Errea, Nike, Kempa, Select, Macron and many other brands are to be discovered. Enjoy the best of handball club equipment at low prices!