Whether for training, warm-up or competition, size 1, size 2 or size 3, whatever your level is , there is necessarily an ideal handball ball for you on Handball-Store. Molten, Hummel, Select, Nike, adidas, or Tremblay, all you have to do is choose from our selection of handball brands.

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Looking for a new handball? Discover in this category our wide selection of handball. Competition balls, training balls, from size 00 to size 3, Select, Hummel or Molten, adult or junior, single ball or sets of balls, find your next handball on Handball-Store!

Our handball brands

Find our wide range of handball brands. Choose from brands like Hummel, Select, Molten, Kempa, Erima, Atorka and many more! Adopt the Force DB or Solera from Select, the Premier or Elite from Hummel, or the Vranjes or Pure Grip from Erima. Choose from handballs in different sizes, suitable for adults and children, men and women, beginners and advanced.

Training handballs

To win every one of your games, it's important to practice. And for every occasion your handball. We've carefully selected the best training handball. Let yourself be tempted by a high quality handball that offers you a good playing performance, very robust and easy to maintain, but above all suitable for daily training. Choose a handball from the top brands such as Select, Molten, Kempa or adidas.

Competition handballs

The competition handball is different from the training handball. It requires high quality for excellent playing performance, the use of spike materials and above all development in accordance with international standards for certification. Choose your handball from our selection of leading handball brands: Hummel, Select, Kempa, Molten, adidas and dozens of others!

Replica Handballs

Crazy about our replica handballs! Find the balls of the big handball competitions like the Euro or the World Cup but also the Champions League! Without forgetting the official ball of the LNH or the replica ball of PSG Handball.

How to chose your handball

The two main criteria to consider when choosing your handball are your age category and the use of the ball.

Here are the different categories of handballs according to team categories:

Size 03: 58 to 60 cm and 425 to 475 g (IHF Dimension 3) for men's and junior men's teams (over 16 years old) ;
Size 02: 54 to 56 cm and 325 to 375 g (IHF Dimension 2) for women's, junior women's (over 14) and junior men's (12 to 16) teams;
Size 01: 50 to 52 cm and 290 to 330 g (IHF Dimension 1) for Junior Women's (8 to 14 years) and Junior Men's (8 to 12 years) teams.
Size 0: 47 to 50 cm and 200 to 270 g for children from 6 to 8 years old
Size 00: 44 to 46 cm and 180 to 200 g for children under 6 years old

Then choose your handball according to its use, training or competition!

Handball accessories

Also discover our many accessories to accompany your handball: ball bags, inflating pumps, resins and cleaners!