Mats from yoga découverte enfant Peda Yoga [Size 130x60 cm]

Mats from yoga découverte enfant Peda Yoga [Size 130x60 cm]
Discover the yoga children's discovery mat Peda Yoga, a fun and educational tool to introduce children to yoga.
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Mats from yoga découverte enfant Peda Yoga

Child-sized yoga mat in absorbent microfiber provides hours of fun at school, daycare, in the garden, on the beach or at home. Discover 36 different Yoga postures presented in an attractive design for younger children. This discovery mat is a great introduction to yoga, and offers a host of play possibilities (observe the drawings and describe what you see, reproduce the yoga postures identified in the drawings, tell a story based on the illustrations observed...). It's a great educational and fun tool.

This thin mat can be used on its own or placed on top of a thicker mat from yoga. You can also attach our PedaYoga mini-cards to the loop at the top of the mat, allowing each child to create his or her own yoga session. Comes with a bag for easy transport and storage. Fabric composition: 80% polyester, 20% nylon. Ideal for ages 4-8.

PedaYoga is a fun way to introduce children to the practice of yoga. PedaYoga's mission aim is to integrate yoga into children's education systems, to help develop their concentration and stimulate their learning. But that's not all! PedaYoga also provides tools and advice to help children sleep better, become aware of their well-being, body and emotions, build self-esteem, and get moving. The PedaYoga product range provides simple but effective tools, specially adapted to bring the concept of yoga to children. You don't need to be a yoga professional to be able to use this simple program of body techniques andesprit and organize these yoga sessions/moments in a classroom or at home with children.

Additional Information

Brand Peda Yoga
Manufacturer SKU M590010
Color multicolour
Color Multicolour
Size 130x60 cm - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Junior