Skipping Rope PTP X Rope

Skipping Rope PTP X Rope
Discover the skipping rope PTP X Rope, ideal for HIIT training and crossfit, with its adjustable length and effortless grip.
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Skipping Rope PTP X Rope

Product description

This lightweight skipping rope allows very fast wrist rotations, making it ideal for HIIT and crossfit training. Perfect for testing your skills in single, double or triple unders. By simply loosening the Fast-Track adjustment screw, you can easily adapt the length to your height and fitness level. The handles are designed for effortless grip and efficient wrist rotation.
For coordination, speed, agility, double and triple subtractions
-PTP Lightweight premium aluminum alloy handles
- Inner rope to reinforce and prevent stretching over time
- Anti-torque ball bearing and coated steel cable designed for speed and durability
-Fast-Track adjustable rope length to suit all heights (instructions included)

Additional Information

Brand PTP
Manufacturer SKU 920042-1000
Color black
Color Black
Size One size - French sizes by default