Tribo tape Spraino Expertpack

Tribo tape Spraino Expertpack
Spraino the solution to protect your ankle and improve your performance by avoiding friction-related injuries.

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Tribo tape Spraino Expertpack

Spraino is a Teflon patch applied to the outside of the shoe to reduce friction between the athletic shoe and the ground. Spraino reduces the likelihood of ankle injuries and reduces harmful force on the ankle joint by 91%.

Spraino prevents nearly 60% of serious ankle injuries without compromising
comfort or mobility.

Spraino straightens the foot before injury occurs. In a typical
ankle sprain, the outside of the shoe is stuck to the ground, causing the ankle to twist. This
can lead to serious injury and long periods of immobilization. With Spraino, the friction
on the outside of the shoe is reduced and the foot returns to its natural position in case of injury
- before the twisting occurs.

- Prevents ankle injuries.
- Allows for optimal performance.
- Ensures comfort and full movement.
- Reduces forces atorigine by more than 90%.
- Tested and approved for handball, badminton and volleyball-ball.
- Can be used on linoleum, wood and sports flooring.

Tested and approved for handball, badminton and volleyball. Package contains 2 wet wipes, 4 front Spraino patches, 4 back Spraino patches (Enough for two pairs of shoes). Depending on the athlete's activity level, the patch lasts between 20 and 40 hours before needing to be replaced.

Additional Information

Brand Spraino
Manufacturer SKU 110203
Color white
Color White
Size One size - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult

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